Syntopia 2020

Coming soon to the second edition of the exhibition. You are cordially invited.


From among the submitted works, the commission chose the works of artists:
- Banachowicz Andrzej
- Chukhov Pavel
- Fiuk Piotr
- Gębuś Monika
- Krukowska Kamila
- Marcinkowski Arkadiusz
- Pawłowski Mirosław
- Rezanov Matvey
- Roguszczak Joanna
- Sibinský Marek
- Slavin Ran
- Szrajber Rafał
- Targosz Beata Anna
- Zawojska-Kuriata Dominika

Congratulations and thank you to all artists for sending their works!

Special thanks to Ilias Chatzichristodoulou owner of Athens Digital Arts Festival for help in preparing the exhibition.

Syntopia 2019

Recruitment to the 1st International Exhibition of Electronic Art, Syntopia, is in progress. We are waiting for applications until August 25, 2019.


The name of the exhibition combines the notion of ‘syn-,’ a prefix that means: acting or considered together; united, and ‘topia,’ which in Greek means ‘place.’ In biology it is defined by the presence of encounter, or exchange, of two species in the same habitat, close enough in order for them to hybridize. The term was also used by the neuropsychologist Ernst Poppel to describe a radical shift from summative to co-creative combination of disciplines. Professor Piotr Zawojski made syntopia the name of his book on cyberculture, where we can find the following conclusion: ‘unlike utopia (syntopia is) a form of encounter of various ideas, systems of knowledge, methodologies, different cognitive disciplines and numerous forms of human activity. It is not an amalgam in which each element loses its basic identity, but rather an example of how, within the context of an interdisciplinary encounter, one can go beyond the limits of specifics of their respective disciplines in order to find for them a common ground.’ ( Zawojski Piotr, Cyberculture: Syntopia of Art, Science and Technology. POLTEXT, Warsaw, 2010, p.74).

The organizers

The Syntopia exhibition takes place as part of the MEDEA conference. The originator and co-organizer is Dr. Ewelina Adam-Wadas, who works daily at the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Association for Supporting Science, Art and Technology Medea